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“With my work, I want to embrace the creatively quirky side of life; to explore and celebrate the things that make us unique. “

Emma Bee

About me
I’m a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator that has worked in the design industry for over ten years.

I grew up and studied in Cambridge, where my love of art began, and I am currently enjoying living in the colourful and creative city of Bristol – which is the perfect inspiration for my bright and (sometimes) quirky work!

My favourite place in the world is Japan, and this often comes through in the style and themes of my illustration. It’s my dream to one day live in Tokyo – drawing all day in cute cafes!

When I’m not designing, I’m a passionate reader, and love binging a good series on Netflix.

About my work
My illustration work often explores a thin line between creepy and cute, taking inspiration from Japanese manga and anime, and my own love of space and the cosmos. I want my work to inspire adventure and a sense of wonder through its themes and colour. I work with kawaii motifs, galactic palettes and quirky themes to create my style and produce unique and fun designs for a range of purposes.

My graphic design work showcases the best of modern design, creating striking brand assets and visual identities that empower my clients to create a voice that is truly their own. I help people stand out from the crowd and turn heads with slick and professional design for a range of contexts across print and digital.


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