Shinjuku Noodles

A personal project inspired by travel to Japan

Shinkjuku noodles – sketch to artwork

noodles sketch

The sketch and inspiration

After a trip to Japan I wanted to create an illustration that encapsulated my time there and eating noodles in Shinjuku, Toyko was the perfect situation to do that.

I used black ink pens to sketch the basic concept for the digital process.


The digital process

After scanning the original artwork into Adobe Illustrator, I used the pen tool to trace and refine the lines and shapes. I then set to creating the intended atmosphere with simple geometric shapes – the buzzing energy and futuristic landscape blurs in a background of layered skyscraper windows and bright lights, while the traditional bowl of noodles sits as the centerpiece, bringing everything together in one bowl of comforting goodness.  Hard lines and smooth curves juxtapose just as much as the city itself!

Shinjuku Noodles