The Client

Pinch of Nom

I have worked with Pinch of Nom over the past couple of years as their business has found great success and grown at a huge rate. I provide freelance creative support in graphic design, illustration and 2D animation to help them keep their busy online content publishing schedule on track.


Case Study

Pinch of Nom is a fast-paced user community with huge need for online content. In the run up to the release of their new cookbook, they needed help to create visually exciting and dynamic content to break through online noise, capture the interest of their audience and gain preorders.

Working with the Pinch of Nom marketing team and their print design agency, I used graphics, typography, photography and the Pinch of Nom brand to create online content for their comms plan. This was a 3-staged strategy intended to gain preorders and included teaser, reveal and annoucement phases.

Content requirements included social media animations, email graphics and profile branding. The success of the campaign saw the new cookbook launch at #1 in the Amazon preorder charts in the week of its announcement.