The Client


I have worked with the marketing team in Tribal for over 7 years. During that time, I have rebranded the company, collaborated on creative marketing campaigns, coached staff in design skills and championed design thinking.

Emma is the most talented Design professional I have worked with. Her creativity and ability to understand business issues makes her able to develop truly inspired designs that fit in with a core brand as well as push the boundaries.

Jo Pinkney, Tribal
Graphic Design Client
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Case study

Tribal wanted a new visual identity to align all areas of it’s business under one recognisable brand style. Having grown through acquisition, there were many fragmented styles of branding in use, and a culture of silo-ed working had started to emerge. The rebrand needed to address this and promote unity across global locations.

Collaboration was key to addressing the culture of the business and getting a wide understanding of global needs. The rebranding process started with internal focus groups, and was supported by customer surveys across markets to gain insight into what “Tribal” was to those who were a part of its business.

Using the information and insight gained, I worked up three design concepts, focusing on global education and community. In order for the new brand to be successful across geographies, I really embraced education stereotypes in a positive way to aide instant recognition and understanding. The owl became a figurehead of the new branding in a very natural and organic way. The owl imagery gained early support from key stakeholders across the business and I was able to carry this through into different styles which reflected the company as pioneering and trustworthy in its field.

A preference was given towards a design-intensive, but stand-out visual identity, that would set the company apart from the competitors in a very bold and striking way.

Over time, the brand has dynamically evolved to embrace new technologies, innovative solutions and future-focused business goals.

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